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Cox blocking emails from a friends IP address

A good friend of ours is having a problem when he tries to send us and email.  His emails to us are delayed and he receives a notification that they have been rejected by Cox, citing error code CDRBL.  I understand that this error code means the the sending IP address has been temporarily blocked for exhibiting the characteristics of SPAM.

My friend is not a spammer.  He is, however, fond of forwarding emails to his many friends and family.

Is there any way that I can ask Cox to stop blocking emails from him?  I can provide his email address and IP address to Cox.

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    The IP block should only last 24 hours but I don't know of any way to reverse it or stop it from happening. He might be able to change his IP, but if his habbits continue, the block will only be applied to his new IP too. If people receiving the emails your friend is forwarding is marking them as spam, then as far as Cox is concerned, your friend IS spamming, even if he is not a "spammer". I would suggest he ask the people he is emailing if they want to be emailed by him, and remove the ones that don't from his mailing list.

    "The duration of the block may vary depending on reputation and other factors, but will not exceed 24 hours. Inspect message traffic for potential spam, and retry message delivery."

    Also see this article on what to do if it's NOT your friend's friends marking his email as spam, but Cox seeing something IN the message as spam.