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Cox Approved Cable Modens

I currently own a Cox-branded (i.e. I bought it at a Cox store) Netgear CG3000Dv2 Single Band and am on the Preferred plan.  I'd like to upgrade the modem/router.  Do all the Cox-branded cable modems have their software limited?  On the CG3000 I can't make it so YouTube is disabled for certain time periods because the internal software has been disabled for that functionality.  Any recommendations on other Cox-branded equipment or non-Cox-branded equipment?  Thanks in advance.

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    I would recommend going with separate modem and router in that instance.  I don't trust gateways (modem/router combos) to be effective due to software limitations nor retain settings through firmware updates.

    I would recommend an AC1750 or higher class router, they tend to have enough power under the hood for both decent wifi and fine-grained parental controls.