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Cox app that acts like a tv remote

I keep looking for a feature where I can view the channels on my smart phone and then be able to select a channel I want to view view my phone.

I got an email recently from Cox indicating you are ahead of the times.   Optimum has had this device remote control for years.

If I had multiple DVR boxes, I could change channels on any DVR box in the house.   

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    Hi kkarndt,

    I apologize for the delayed response. I'm not sure I understand what you are looking for. What are you trying to do with the service?

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     The app for Cox allows you to see the channels.   However, it does not allow you to select the program on the smart phone and it changes on my TV.   Basically it acts like a remote control  on the smartphone.

  • kkarndt,

    The Contour 2 app allows you to watch programming on your mobile device and you can schedule DVR recordings in the Cox Connect app.

    Are you specifically looking for an app that allows you to change channels on the TV with your phone? The Cox apps do not currently support this feature, though if your phone has and IR blaster built in you can find a third party app to allow you to change channels.

    We appreciate the suggestion and will share it with our programming team.

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