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Cox **

wow cox internet truly **
it's basically just a rip off

we pay for Cox High Speed Internet Premier 150mbps
and we're not getting even half of what we pay for
today 6/5/2017 we can't stay in online without losing connection
this is *** ridiculous now
then you're wondering to why cox is losing costumers? well duh..!!!

well in 2016 we close our Cox TV Cable service
I guess next is going to be Cox Internet Service
because you guys are so bad than is better have no internet service at all

ps don't even try to ask me to describe the problem because you people know very well what is going on 

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    Hi Conrad,

    I can help with the connection issues you're having. I'll need to pull up the account and take a look at the modem signal. Please send the information to we'll help get this fixed.