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Corded Phones with New Telephone Modem?

I currently have Cox internet and phone service.  This past week my phone line went dead.  A Cox technician came out and determined that the telephone “box” outside my house was kaput and could not be repaired as it was old technology which is being phased out and replaced by a telephone modem placed inside my home.  ‘

A technician is scheduled to come to my home next week to install the new telephone modem.

I have several corded phones scattered throughout my home that work only when connected to phone jacks. 

With the installation of the new telephone modem, will the phone jacks scattered around my house still work for my corded phones?  Or will I only have one corded telephone that works...the one connected to the new telephone modem?

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  • BebeW

    We can connect the the telephone modem to one of the phone lines in your home, that will activate the other lines and give them dial tone.

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    So if my first choice is to keep the new telephone modem totally isolated and distinct from my internet/computer modem...two separate entities...two separate rooms...that is possible?

    Glad to learn that I can keep using my corded phones which plug into telephone jacks. 

  • Hi BebeW,

    That is correct!  I want to confirm you can have two separate modems (data/phone) in two different rooms. Let us know should you have any further concerns.

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    In an effort to circumvent any last minute decisions…and trying to ease my concerns:

    Re:  Using a telephone modem specifically for telephone usage onlyNOT for internet access:

    1.  Does the telephone modem just plug into an electrical outlet or does it need to connect to a coaxial cable?
    2.  Will  the new telephone modem interact/interfere in any way with my existing internet access and cable wifi modem that exists in a different room?

    Thank you.

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    The telephone modem would not interfere with your internet modem. The phone modem has to be plugged into a coax cable along with power. This is how it connects to our network. We hope this answers your questions about the service