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converting to digital at tv prices higher than google search showed...why?

I am looking to get set up for digital but I see offers for a package for $71.49 but when I enter my user name, etc., so now it is

known I am a subscriber...the same package is offered to me for $91.49?  Is this for real?  Or a ploy to check out Dish and Directv?

20 years with Cox produces this kind of offer when trying to cooperate with all digital even though preferred analog.

Not a good move and don't know the reason for this type of offer.

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    Just as every single other company does, new customers are given promotional rates that are less than existing customers. You would want to speak with customer service or Retention and ask them what kind of existing-customer promotions they could offer you.

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    Thank you for a quick reply.  It really is a choice between paying more here or less elsewhere but I will check our your suggestioins before I actually change.....there is a time limit on erasing current analog so I do feel rushed to decide...but I will ask about

    retention, etc.