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I have contour but am unable to view show from my iPad app.  How do I fix?

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    Sorry, original post ended up in wrong thread.

  • Hi Smith-5,

    Are you trying to access the Contour app on your iPad to view a show streaming live, or to view a show available On Demand?

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    Yes I need help navigating to the shows I recorded on my dvr. Help?

  • Hi Thejobdr,

    On Contour 2, you can find your recorded shows by pressing the Contour button on your remote control, and then using the arrow buttons to navigate to the Saved menu. To learn more about navigating Contour 2 features and options, click HERE

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    Hi Becky. I was using my iPad and iPhone... I was trying to navigate from "Saved" and "Live TV" to no avail on the menu.  I wasn't looking at the very top that says 'SEARCH', but once I followed the instructions it worked like a charm. Oops! I appreciate your help, Roger .