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Hi,  what is going on with this Contour.   My football channel that is on 1317 for Thursday night football was put in Contour and now I can't get it.  Also 1307 I think that was lifetime movies was another one that was put in Contour.   I had a contract with Cox and the people in Cox store said that nothing would change.   I'd like to know about this. 

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    Hi Jcequalizer,

    We can certainly look into this.  Are you experiencing issues with the Contour box or Contour app?  Are you saying that channels 1317 and 1307 are no longer loading and what errors are you receiving?  In order to look into this further, we would need to take a look at your account.  Please send us an email to with your name, the name on the account if different from yours, and your full street address.  Please include a link to this post so that we have a history of the issue.  Thanks.