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Contour XR11 DVR functions

I have the Contour XR11 remote.  I sat on the remote the other day and discovered the remote hit some combination of keys to fast forward my show by 10 minutes increments.  Also one day I dropped the remote and it rewinded the show to the beginning without having to go through a complex series of menu options.   I have been trying to find the manual on the remote and how to access these advanced playback features.  I even contacted support and they had no idea.  Someone must know the advance features of the remote.  Please help!

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  • Hi JeffPie,

    There are a couple different ways to fast forward or rewind quickly through a recording. If you are trying to do so through 5 minute increments, then you would use the Page Up or Page Down while watching a show. Another option is to press and hold the fast forward or rewind till you see the speed increase.

    I hope this helps!