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Contour Voice Control - Not Showing Menu

I have a brand new Cox Contour box.  A Cox technician installed it two months ago.  It has been working perfectly up until about a week ago.  When I use the voice control option to bring up a TV Series, I used to see a picture of the series and the option to select something like "episodes".  Now, when I used the voice command, I get a black screen and at the very bottom the words "Watch now" with tiles below it, almost off the bottom of the screen.  (I can only see half of the tiles, while the rest is off the bottom of the screen.)  In addition, it wont allow me to scroll down or do anything on this screen.  I am unable to select anything.  Today, a Cox technician came to fix the problem.  He found nothing wrong with the installation or signal.  He swapped the Contour box for a new one, and the problem continues.  He couldn't figure out what the problem was and he said he would open a ticket to try to get more information about solving this.  His only suggestion was that maybe it is a software problem.

Any ideas Cox?  I pay a lot of money to be having these types of issues...