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Contour TV remote

Have Contour.  The main remote, all of a sudden, won't bring up the guide when you push the guide button.  Have to punch the Contour button and then move over to guide.  Somehow, think I may have hit a button to disable guide.  Any solutions to reprogram?

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  • Jimmmmmy

    I would start by making sure that the batteries are good. If that's done, please take the batteries out of the remote control for 20 seconds and then put them back in. Then press and hold the set-up button located in the bottom left corner of the remote until you see the light at the top of the remote control turn from red to green. Once that happens, you will need to press the Contour button on the remote. That will give you a three digit code to punch in. There you will find some very easy instructions to re-program the remote to your TV and the Contour box. Please reach back out here and let me know how it goes.

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