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Contour single DRV not whole house

After having my original dvr keep showing error dui, Cox sent a tech out to check the issue.. Tech stated that the signal to and inside residence was "great"...  Advised me to swap out the box to a newer model...  I upgraded to the Contour  service not the whole service house just the one TV...  Since the "upgrade I have been getting errors, and ... The tech stated that they have no idea what goes on in the dvr, but still advised the swap for a new box..  If these errors stem from the CISCO recall from way back in February why hasn't Cox removed all " defective drv's " from service ????  As a long time Cox customer since the 70's this is the most trouble I have had with Cox equipment... 

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    Why do you mention your modem and router? Are you having any issues with your internet? But speaking of which, what are your modem's signal levels( Maybe they will tell us something about the signal going to the box. If you could describe how the coaxial wiring is different between the modem and cable box, that would also help.

    PS. I also notice you have a D3.1 modem. Are you a beta tester or just a early adopter? Are you using any MoCA adapters?