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contour remote control

I switched the upstairs tv  with the downstairs tv.  The remotes work on the Cox Contour boxes but they do not work on either tv.  How do I program the remotes to work on each tv?   ***

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    Instructions are usually on back of remote. Or just switch remotes also, since they are already programmed for TV's.

  •  So I have followed the instructions probably 12 times on how to program my remote to the TV, to the cable, to auxiliary, and I can't set it up so that I can control the volume and channels with my contour remote. I didn't have this problem with my Sony television. Is it possible my insignia TV will not let me control its volume and channel switching with a contour remote? 

  • Go to and click on the "Code Finder" link underneath the picture of the remote control you are trying to program. Then, click on "Add new TV", choose the brand of your TV, enter the TV model number, and press Enter. The codes most likely to work for your TV will load. The instructions for programming the remote are listed underneath the list of codes.

    Please let us know if you are successful in programming your remotes!

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    There is an 'input' button on lower left hand corner of the Contour remote.  After pressing it until red bar on top of remote turns green, 3 seconds, press the Contour bar and then follow instructions on the screen.  That will program the Contour remote to control the tv do it can be used to turn the tv on and off as well as adjust the volume.   

  • Hi Netopeka,

    Were you able to get both of your TVs and their corresponding remotes programmed successfully?

  • Hi, Becky!  I forgot to check the forum and haven't had a chance to try the suggestions yet.  Thanks, though!  I appreciate the posts and will let you know how it works out.