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Contour records ALL episodes instead of NEW as instructed

We are experiencing issues that do not allow us to record NEW EPISODES ONLY.  Instead, it is recording ALL episodes of COPS.  Is this an issue with the Spike channel?  When I contacted them, they said to contact our cable provider.  This also happened to other TV shows recently. 

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    Hi BradB, it could be a guide issue where it is not seeing it as a new episode so it's not recording. We can look into that for you, can you send an email with the name and address listed on the account? Thanks!
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    Well, there's another problem.  When I click "Send an Email to", there is no place to do it!  This issue is still happening.  Other people have the same problem!  There are 2 other links of the same problem too!

    How do I send an email to you without posting my personal info?  Send an Email to COX.COM gives no email capability.

  • Hi BradB,

    Looks like we forgot to provide you with our email address. Sorry about that! You can email our team directly at