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Contour Recording

Sent a post regarding Contour 1 box not recording a program when it was in fact programmed to do so. To add, I was either recording only one other show - or possibly no other show - at the time of the failed recording recording. So either two or three tuners active at the time the program failed to record. Again, never made it to the "Recorded" Programs list: stayed on the "Scheduled" recording list even though the Program Guide displayed the "recording" red ball. Just a plain failure of the Contour 1 box to record? And might have misshaped the initial post's tag. Should have been Contour DVR.

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  • Baseballfan001,

    Is there an error message? Are you programming the recording using the Host DVR, or a client that is networked to the Host? If you unplug the power to the Host and Client, is the issue of not recording replicated? Once the reset is complete, please test a couple channels by setting a recording.