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Contour record 6 bugs

I have a list of numerous actual bugs and many design deficiencies compared to the old Rovi sw, but only one is driving me nuts today. My box is 9865 HDC.

DVR recording " All episodes", selecting "New episodes only" actually records all episodes NOT marked REPEAT. I have a list of 10 favorite shows which the guide frequently fails to mark at all but are repeats. Thus it schedules numerous unwanted recordings. I'm  forced to not select "all episodes" at all for those 10 and hope I don't fail to remember to set manual recordings. Use of the super cumbersome and frustratingly slow guide to do so helps not one bit.


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    Hi Pat,

    What titles do you have already that is not recording properly? What other settings do you have selected for these recordings? For example, is it scheduled to record one channel only or any channel.

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    pat, I have that same DVR.  I've never had a problem with the "new episodes only".   but I have noticed that the broadcasters have learned to fool us by putting NEW on episodes that are definitely not new.   I no longer select the "Series Recording" for new episodes.  I hit the Record button for every show I want to watch.  it takes longer but I only get the shows I want and no repeats.