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Contour PC Streaming App

I am using a Xeon-powered PC, and for some reason the Cox app for watching TV on the PC will not work, but it works on all of my computers that use the regular processors. Is there some reason for this? Does the TV streaming into the browser require some sort of DRM or something? I have no problem  with ANY other streaming service, such as Netflix, etc.

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    How will it not work? Some kind of error? Most DRM does use some kind of mechanic on the CPU and AFAIK Contour does use DRM.

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    It just says that the website is taking too long to respond. I've tried Edge, Chrome, Explorer and Firefox. I get the same response every time i go to the website (which allows you to stream. What is so odd is that I can get the stream going from all of my other computers here at the house from the website. 

    I can stream from every other service on this computer. I can stream from Netflix, etc, in fact, I am watching the Chiefs game on right now. However, I still cannot stream from Cox. 

    There are no listed requirements from Cox other than what browser and operating system to use, so it is impossible to figure out just what it is that I am missing to get this ONE service to work. I've turned off the firewalls, virus scanners, everything i can think of.  

    This is the "error"

    This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

    I called support, and they are totally clueless as to how to fix this. 

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    Ok, so it appears that you are on to something here! 

    The direct link leads to this page

    and this error:

    Whitelabel Error Page

    This application has no explicit mapping for /error, so you are seeing this as a fallback.

    Mon Nov 28 20:38:08 UTC 2016
    There was an unexpected error (type=Unauthorized, status=401).
    Authentication Failed: Error validating SAML message
    Now, to drill down into the HTML 5 I compared results from the browser that works for streaming, and the one that does not. here are links to the results:
    This is the broswser that doesn't work
    this is the browser that does work
    oddly enough, the one that doesn't work scores higher. However, there might be some feature i'm missing that isn't apparent to me in the list. 
    I will say this, using hte direct link at least got me further before i received the error :) Both broswers checked out on the other test as fine. 
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    I don't see it having been mentioned yet but make sure you also have the most recent version of Adobe Flash installed.