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CONTOUR OUT for thousands

How many others have had Contour down for several days? I have been told this is a software problem that is pervasive.

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    Legal Action, The Contour 2 is currently in an outage at this time. We have our technicians working to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience. Thank you.


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    As of this morning my last channel button does not work. Getting once in awhile trying to tile issues?

    Part of this problem? 

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    I called Contour support and was told this was a software problem. Could not get a firm ETA on solving of problems.

    My problem is Cox still wants to get paid!!!!!!!!!!

    My reason for calling was lack of reply to my first post.

    In my business world if I do not supply the service which people pay for I do not get paid.

    Maybe Cox should take such action.

  • Hi Nvphone,

    I'm sorry we missed your post. Are you still having problems with the LAST button on your remote? Is the problem happening on both Contour 2 remote controls?

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    I am on second day of troubleshooting "no signal" with my cox contour. 

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    Please visit us on Facebook, Twitter at @coxHelp, or email at with your complete address, account name and specifics of your concern. I'd like to see what we can do to get this corrected for you.