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Contour not comaptible with soundbar

We just got Cox contour 2.  We have a Samsung Soundbar HW-E450 and the Contour remoteControl XR-11.  I cannot get the sound to work. I called Cox support, and they could not help ans suggested I contact Samsung at  800-2726-7864 to see if they have an updated 5 digit code.   Samsung says they do not have a code that they could give me.  It is a pain to have to use 2 remote controls to watch t.v.  Any suggestions how to get the soundbar to work with Controur?

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    I read a discussion about this on Crutchfield:

    "...After much trial and error, I wound up with both an optical and an HDMI /ARC with Anynet+ on connections. With this setup I can control the volume with the TV remote and turn the E450 off but it will not turn on with the TV. After reading through several support forums on this issue it appears that some LG TV remotes work just fine with the E450. Go figure..."

    My guess in that configuration is optical is for the audio signal and the HDMI ARC is to control volume.  Program your Cox remote for your TV.

  • Hello Flower Gardener,

    To piggy back off of your last call with customer support. Have you tried any or both of these codes for the Samsung Soundbar HW-E450 while following these below steps?

    32660, 31495

    1. Press and hold SETUP until the LED turns GREEN.
    2. Using the digit keys on the remote, enter the code.
    3. Test the remote to confirm that it controls the Audio Device Volume functions.

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    I found a few more codes:


    Also...maybe Dustin can control the soundbar with a Cox remote, would you have to use the TV INPUT button to select the soundbar?