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Contour: No Series Manager

Just switched from DirecTV, which had a very nice Series Manager screen for managing all recordings. I can't find anything comparable in Contour. In fact, if I record a series that has no showings in the next few weeks, there's no place in Contour I can find to help me remember all of the various series that I have set to record.  Anyone else find a place to do this?  For instance, I have set Westworld to record.  There's no screen showing me this.  In fact, the only way I can confirm that it is set to record is to search the Guide for Westworld and then select it. It then shows me.

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    Menu (Contour button)



    Then highlight series priority and use arrow keys to navigate the list of the series you have set for recording.

    Use info button on any series for options (eg delete, etc)

    I don't have Contour yet, I am thinking about switching from DirecTV.  How do you like the Contour box so far??

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    Nope, like I said in my post that process only seems to show episodes airing in the next 2 weeks that are scheduled to record. It does NOT show all series that will be recorded.  Like Game of Thrones, which I have set up to record, does not have anything airing soon and therefore does not appear.  However, if I search for Game of Thrones, it shows that it has already been set up to record. If you have DirecTV, then you know how good the Series Manager is.

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    I can submit a feature request to change the series manager. Please email us at with the account details and your specific suggestions.