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Contour Missed Recordings

I've had several problems within the past few days regarding my Contour 1 boxes. So far, they've been resolved. Now I have a new one and from what I've seen, it may be continual. I have four shows scheduled to record off the same channel back to back. I checked after two had been recorded: those two show appear BOTH as "Recorded Shows" AND "Missed Recordings"!! I played back a few minutes from both shows and they appear to be fine. WHY would they then appear under "Missed Recordings". The explanation was that they did not appear in the Guide, which they most certainly did. A show last night went under "Missed Recordings" because Contour could not "tune" into the recorded channel yet it "tuned" into the same channel one hour later. Is there a system-wide problem with Contour 1 which has not yet been resolved? Too many recordings have been "missed" with varying explanations which seem to be Contour system related: not on the Guide, could not tune into the channel, etc.

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    I was able to check your DVR and 2 tuners are showing failing errors and 2 more tuners are not registering. This could mean that you are potentially down to 4 tuners. If your recordings are overlapped because of extended start/stop times, there might not be enough tuners to record everything. You can swap the DVR at the Solution Store or we can schedule a tech to come out. If you would like a technician, please email us at with the account details and a link to your post.