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Contour II and Logitech Harmony One Remote

Hello, I just upgraded to the new Contour II which uses the Cisco 9865HDC receiver. I tried to update my Logitech Harmony One remote for use with the new receiver but it appears the Harmony remote is IR and the Cisco box is RF only. Can anyone help? Does Cox have a RF to IR converter? I can't seem to tell if Logitech has a converter going from IR to RF on this particular remote. Thanks!

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    There is a plug/port on the back of the DVR that allows you to add an external IR extension. I've had some success doing that, but the codes seem to be all or mostly wrong. At one point, I went through the process of teaching my Harmony all the correct codes using the Cox remote I have, but it required unpairing it from the box so it would send IR instead of RF.

    Even then, the experience was poor at best for me. The box was responding to multiple presses at a time. I know that part is able to be changed within the Harmony setup, but, at that point, I just gave up and used the included remote to control the DVR.