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Contour II and Echo/Alexa

When will Contour II be able to work with Echo/Alexa?   (I have heard that it doesn't because when the remote is paired to the Contour it disables infrared on the Contour Box)

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    Hi Greg399,

    At this time, we have not received any information about Contour 2 being compatible with Echo/Alexa.  What we'll be glad to do is submit an enhancement request to share your interest with adding this feature.  Please email us at with your full name, street address, and the link to this post so that we can submit this request.  Thanks.

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    I logged a request 8 months ago.  How many requests will it take before it is seriously considered?

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    Mary F.

    See the post below.  I am not contacting anyone else, ever, about this. I will give it a few days, and if it is not compatible, then I WILL CANCEL COX.

    Looking at the post below, which evidently,  you did not bother to look at, this is a problem that is OLD.

    Sick of Cox trying to have total control over their boxes. There is no reason on earth this cannot be compatible with Alexa, FIX THE PROBLEM.

    PS  ANd do not reply and say I am the first complaint, I have seen many, try google and you will see them also.

  • Hello,

    We apologize that we cannot provide an update, and have not received any updates from the production network teams regarding pairing between our Contour and the Alexa/Echo devices.  If the compatibility issue between the two are resolved.   We will share that with everyone at that time.