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Contour guide is on old channel when remote used to tune into channel directly

OK, bear with me on this because it's a minor annoyance only but annoying nonetheless.

Until a few months ago, when I used the remote to key in the channel directly without going through the Guide, when you clicked Guide again it was on that new channel.

Now, probably after a software update of some kind, when you key in a channel directly and then click Guide, the Guide is still on the old channel I was watching previously.  But I'd rather have the Guide be on the channel I am currently on.

It's just an odd change that started about two months ago and one I don't think the engineers know about.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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    I have been experiencing the same problem on Contour 2 for the last month or so. I think you are right, it happened after a software update. I have found that if you wait 10 seconds or more after you change channels and then click Guide, the current channel you are viewing appears. If you click Guide earlier after changing channels the previous channel appears. I think they may know about this glitch, but they haven't fixed it.

  • It sounds like there is a delay in the response of the receiver. When you change channels using the number keys on the remote and then press the Guide button, does the channel change immediately? Do you notice any delay changing channels this way, versus changing channels by choosing one from the Guide? I'll pass your feedback to our video product for further investigation.

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    You are right - if you wait about 6-8 seconds and THEN click Guide, the channel has updated to the current channel.  

    I guess I'm impatient, but it did NOT do this until just recently.