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Contour DVR time out of sync with programming guide

The time on the DVR is about 1 min ahead of the time on the program guide. That makes my recordings end 1 min earlier. The workaround is set EVERY recording to stop 1 minute later. This is not an ideal solution. Anyone know of a way to sync the Contour DVR time with the program guide? Cox support has been unable to provide anything other than reset the DVR, which I've done.

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  • BillyS,

    What channel are you trying to record? I've encountered this myself when recording certain channels on my DVR. The guide information is provided by the broadcaster and I suspect you're seeing this on one of the channels where the broadcaster is delaying programming. This isn't an issue with the time displayed on the box, rather how the broadcaster handles the feed they supply.

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    I know what you're talking about and have seen that happen, but in my case it's every channel all the time. I can actually watch the DVR time change, then watch the program guide time change a minute later.