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Contour DVR Series Manager

Have a show "Forensic Files" on Series Manager. Forgot about it this past weekend. Noticed that for the upcoming weekend the four new Saturday night shows - first run identified - were not "double checked" by Series Manager. Deleted FF from SM and re-entered the show. Checked again and the four new shows are in fact identified by SM and ready to record. Possibility that it did not recognize last week/two week set of FF shows. Any idea why Series Manager would not recognize/record shows clearly identified as "new" - first run?

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    Just posed a question regarding Series Manager apparently dropping a future show - Forensic files. I should mention that this was apparently the only show dropped by Series Manager: checking but no others found. Mite have dropped it last Saturday night also. Again, deleted the entry and re-entered it and the "double check" appears on the future show. Was definitely not there before the deletion/re-enter.

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    I've not heard of the series manager dropping recording settings before, but I'm glad to hear you were able to add the recording back. Please let us know if you run into this occurring again.