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Contour DVR box cannot connect (error RDK-03004)

I just signed up for COX TV yesterday and got a new Contour DVR box.  Self install went fine, and have been watching shows for just over a day.  I was not getting all my premium channels, so I followed a chat technicians instructions to power cycle the box. Now the box can no longer connect and just continually shows error RDK-03004, followed by a Connecting... screen.  Additional reboots have not fixed the problem.

Very frustrating as the chat support was not very helpful after the reboots.  They sent signals to cycle the box, but that doesn't work if the box is not connecting properly, depending on the issue.

Maybe someone else has seen this issue and has figured out what it could be before having multiple support conversations and visits.

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    With the issue you are having with your cable box, we may need to get a tech out to your home to investigate this issue. I would like to check the cable box for any issues first though. Would you please send us an email to so we can check your equipment?