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Contour DVR 6 misses shows due to conflict even though I'm just recording one show.

I have So You Think You can Dance set to record all NEW only series. The first 5 shows recorded just fine.  Tonight they started the "live" shows and after it was over I was told the DVR MISSED the show due to a conflict with a higher priority show.  It was the ONLY show being recorded that night so there wasn't anything higher priority plus it's supposed to record up to 6 shows at a time.  I had the same problem with my last DVR with the live shows of Dancing with the Stars and was told I had to trade in my DVR for a new one. This one is only about 3 months old and only has about 20% storage used.   I'm getting a little tired of the DVRs missing live shows. Now I have to wait for it to come to ON DEMAND to see it.  That is NOT what I'm paying over $200 a month for.

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    I got this when i had 3 shows set to record.  It recorded 2 but i got the "higher priority" message for the 3rd one.  That didn't make any sense since it is a Record 6 DVR.  I got the "priority" message a second time but haven't seen it since.  I am glad you posted your question.  When i want the DVR to record 3 shows, i don't establish any priority. 

    It is always worth unplugging the DVR for 20 seconds and waiting the 5-7 minutes for it to reboot.  That sometimes gets rid of the quirks. 

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    Thank you for reaching out to Cox Forum Support. Did you receive an error code with that recording error message? Also as Yak suggested earlier have you already powercycled the box?

    Thanks Yak! 

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    No, no error message, it just didn't record it and then later in the MISSED show I get the message about priority.  I powercycle each time I've had a problem, and sometimes it powercycles itself. I do occasionally get an error when I go to play something and it just doesn't play.  After about a minute it says it can't retrieve the DVD network (or something like that) and says to try again later (which never happens the program is gone). That error was or maybe My last box did this a lot and I was finally told to trade it in which I did.  This new one is only about 2 or 3 months old. BTW it DID record that show this past week with no problem.

  • youngaloha,

    Thank you for providing the error message reference number, "Sorry, we have experienced a problem playing back this recording. Please try again in few minutes. If the problem continues, please contact Cox Customer Service at (866) 961- 1207. Reference when calling."

    This error does indicate a problem during playback of a recording from the DVR. A hard reset like you've performed can help, and you've mentioned it did record the previous episode. If this error happens again we will recommend a remote reset. An agent can do this, or you may access our website and attempt a remote reset. If this happens again, you may try resetting on our website after signing in.

    Please let us know how this goes or if it returns in the future,