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Contour DVR - eliminate recording repeatt programs

I am trying to record new Blue Bloods and COPS shows.  For some unbeknownst reason stations that Cox carries, one being WGN, does not identify repeats in the Contour guide.  Although I indicate NEW programs only, the Contour DVR treats these shows missing the NEW or REPEAT flag as NEW programs.  One day I looked at my saved programs and it showed 10 COPS shows in a row because a station was running a marathon.

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    It isn't just COPS.  There are other shows that get recorded when they are not new.  When you see that happening, just skip the Series Manager and choose the shows individually.  It isn't much more work.You know that Cops is on every Saturday night.  The next NEW Cops is January 21st.  All reruns until then.

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    The guide information comes from the network. I will need to know which Contour guide you have to have this reviewed. Is it the old or new Contour. If you're not sure, what model receiver do you have?