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Contour DVD space limit,


Iv'e been with COX & the Contour box that came with it 5months now. I am 85% full now already.

My last provider's DVR would start deleting oldest recordings without user knowing shows are being deleted. 

My question is: how close to the limit of the DVR storage does it start deleting shows already recorded to make room for more, or does it just stop recording until space is freed? Would I get a warning ahead of time so I can prevent unwanted erasures?

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  • coolecho,

    There is an option to keep this recording until space is needed, or to keep always. If the DVR is full and a program is set to record, then the DVR will make space by deleting a recording that is saved until space is needed. If no space is available and no shows are deleted, then the recording will give an error and not record. The DVR would give an error ahead of time if you attempt to program a recording and no space is available, then you must make some recording space available.

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    Hi Dustin,

    OK that's what I thought it's similar to ATT DVR.  But on my Contour DVR options for a recording setup or options on a recorded program there is only 1) Keep for one year or 2) Keep until space needed. I started selecting the one year option, but i've gone through and reselected keep til space needed thinking that option keeps everything as long as you want as long as there's space.