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contour channel search

We just got Contour and not too pleased with menu, functions, etc.

Trying to get used to it, but...

HOW can I get my channel up/down function to only go to my channels?

The old dvr would do it, but now after setting tons of favorites to coincide with what I have, when I use the channel selector to go up, or down it goes to EVERY channel. I want it to just go to the channels that I have. Is that too much to ask?

Don't like the display on new contour box either. It's nothing but a blue blur. Awful!

I can't see the clock and the guide display is equally hard to see. Come on Cox!

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  • Hi chico,

    What model Contour Receiver do you have in the home?

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    Use the COX button in the center of the remote (it's blue).  Select "Settings".  Select "Channels".   You want Skipped Channels (not Favorites).   Skip all of the channels you don't want to see.  A check mark will appear to the left of the name of that channel.  Now when you use the UP-DOWN on your remote, it won't go to any channels that you skipped.

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    Thanks, but I no longer have that option/function with Contour 2.

    Menu is COMPLETELY different.

    What you said is how I had prior dvr set up.

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    It's Contour 2, I guess.

    Master DVR with satellites.

    Try this number: MPXID01

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    Now, my caller id on tv quit working. It worked for a few days and now - nothing.

    Why is there no way to check call history like I had on previous dvr?

  • Hi Chico,

    Skipped channels are not available on the New Contour. You do have the ability to setup a favorites list.

    Please check the settings to ensure the feature is still enabled. Here is a support article for enabling Caller ID and checking the call log on the New Contour:

    Thank you,