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Contour Cable Box Freezing Constantly

My contour cable box is constantly freezing but only does so when I have the channel guide open or when I am browsing through On-Demand shows or movies. Additionally, if I have a show or movie playing, that show or movie will suddenly "crash" will freeze, the screen will go blank, and then the regular TV will come back on.

Is there any fix for this that can be done from home without a technician? Do I need to purchase a different box? 


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  • Hi CapJack,

    It sounds like the cable receiver may not be getting the correct strength of signal. Check to make sure the coax cable that is screwed into the back of the cable box is finger-tight, as well as the end of the cable that connects to the cable outlet. Are there any splitters on the coax connection? A splitter at the end of its lifespan can cause the symptoms that you described. You can temporarily bypass the splitter and connect the coax to the outlet without the splitter to see if the freezing continues. If the issue improves, replacing the splitter might resolve it without the need for a tech.

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    I have same issue with new contour box, when we first got the box everything was working fine but in last month it keeps freezing more and more when we go to guide screen and also when watching TV TV just goes black for few seconds sometimes longer and comes back on, so we have to rewind whatever we are watching to see what we missed.

  • WhiteBox,

    Is the front panel of the receiver displaying any code or change when this is happening? Do you lose audio when the picture goes black? is the picture freezing, or does the guide appear to not respond to the remote functions?

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    My Cisco 9865hdc receiver is having the same issue - have had to reboot by unplugging the system for a period of time, then plugging back in.

    It's happened repeatedly over the last few weeks, and now the system is stuck in reboot with a cnF9 error.

    Checked all the connections, which are solid, have tried rebooting with HDMI disconnected, etc.

    Seems like this is a persistent issue across the system, so would appreciate it if Cox would come up with a better solution than "is the connection on a splitter."

  • Hi Schen,

    The cnF9 code is part of the normal boot process and is only an issue if it lasts for more than 3 minutes. Unplug the power from the receiver for a full 2 minutes and then plug back in. If the receiver does not boot properly at this point, a hardware malfunction is possible. You have the option of swapping the receiver at a Cox Solutions Store or scheduling a service call so a tech can swap it for you.

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    I had the problem also with the picture freezing on my Contour box.  The problem in my case was HDMI output issues with the Contour.  It has happened on multiple boxes so it's not a hardware failure issue, but rather a design problem.  The problem was solved by placing an HDMI buffer between the Contour box and the TV.  The buffer needs to always be powered.  The buffer I used cost under $20 at Amazon and is called OREI HDS-102 HDMI splitter.