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Contour boxes don't seem to communicate well

I don't see a recently watched button on this thing. That would be nice. Instead there's a last button, however, when watching a movie on one DVR then moving into another room with the mother box it's like I never watched that movie. I know it's on the other box but if this is a whole home DVR shouldn't I be able to see on box 2 what I was watching on box 1? I have to go to on demand then scroll down (and sometimes when I hit the channel icon it just shows me what's currently playing, in the on demand section?!) and look for the network and the movie again and then FF to where I was. I'm sure I could pull the movie up if I remembered the name but I don't usually pay attention. Why isn't there a last watched on demand? It only shows what you last watched on that box. 

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    Thank you for the feature suggestion. I've submitted it to our Video Team for review. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.