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Contour Box Random Reboots and Will Get Stuck

My Contour Cable Box will randomly reboot and will never fully reboot on it's own. It will remain with "boot" on the display unless I step in in a particular way. I have left it alone for over a day and it still will be stuck. The only way I have discovered to get television back is to completely disconnect all cables to the box including power. Then I have to reconnect the power, wait for the display to show "Conn" then connect the cable and HDMI. The box will then download an update, Version to be exact and 20 min later the cable will work again.

I have now had to do this 4 times over the last 5 days and every time the box downloads and installs the exact same update version. Is there any fix for this? And believe it or not as I am typing this the box just shut down to reboot again.

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    It sounds like you've completed all possible troubleshooting. We may need to get a technician out to look into this further. Please email our team at and include your full name, address and a link to your post here.