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Contour Box not responding to remote.

Cisco 8742HDC Just replaced it .  The weekend TV service has been terrible... For a few months.  Extremely slow channel changes  responses up to 10 seconds..No Guide  locks on demand and the guide if it works ...  none of the other buttons on the remote function .  In North Las Vegas NV . any issues in this area.   Box has been set remotely thru cox, I also all of the connections have been replaced  twice  thru Cox  service calls.  Anyone else having same issues.

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    Same boat as yours.

    Cisco BOX  Remote only function is UP-DN Channel and power button. Replaced ld Motorola with Cisco BOX two weeks ago. Something is wrong in their programming..( Waiting for tech)

  • Hello connect lv,

    We may have to have a follow-up appointment reserved for the trouble. When the response time is slow, is there any improvement after a hard reset- unplug the power to the receiver for 20 seconds?