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Contour audio

The volume on the Contour 2 system goes up and down by itself and is really bad after 6:30 pm. Have reset boxes and had technician over in afternoon but not at night. Could the problem be the connection to the cable box by the sidewalk?

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    We need to have a little more information about your issue with the audio. Do you notice the difference in commercials to the regular programming or is it just all of the programming gets louder after 6:30? Have you noticed a change between SD & HD programming? Let us know what you find.

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    in my bedroom TV. The commericals are blasting . We cant even watch TV in bed . They get louder and louder as they play ? We have to lower the volume and then when the TV show we are watching comes on we cant hear it because we had to lower the volume so much ???

  • Hi, is this happening on all channels on the set in the bedroom? Is this issue happening on other TV sets in the house?