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Contour App only for home use?!

I've recently added the Countour App to my Samsung, works perfectly on my phone, no problems, crystal clear. When I was out eating and was hooked up to the establishment's Wifi, I thought I'd let my kids watch something to keep them occupied but it came to my attention that I was unable to access any channels since I wasn't using my 'home wifi'. What the heck. If I am at home, wouldn't I just watch cable that's on my TV instead of on my phone? Why cant I use any other Wifi to access the channels on this app? Why does it have to be my home Wifi? This doesn't make any sense. Oh, and the channels I could access, TV Go Channels, were all CSPAN channels. No thanks, I really don't want to watch CSPAN while I am on the go.... So really, what is the point of this App if I can only use it at home.....and if I am at home, I'll be watching my channels on my TV anyhow....

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  • Hi gemini5_74,

    The link provided below provides the networks that are currently available for viewing outside of the home using the Contour app.

    Customer must be subscribed to the network to view the live or On Demand programming.