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Contour app for Roku and FireTV

Xfinity has something for Roku and I am guessing for FireTV.  What's the problem with why COX is behind the 8 ball ?

They always trail in technology.


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    Heh, I am disappointed that when they added Netflix in Contour 2, they removed Pandora that was available in Contour original!

  • James Scott,

    Thank you for reaching out. Pandora should still be available on the original Contour box. Are you not seeing it listed in the settings menu under Interactive Services?

  • @KenK,

    Hello. We appreciate the suggestions with the Contour app. At this time, we do not have any known plans to add app functionality to Roku or FireTV.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator. 

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    I hope COX stops dragging their feet and gets it done.  Sooner or later TV will be internet based where I might subscribe

    to COX for internet and Xfinity as an example for TV.   He who hesitates looses.

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    I hate to agree yet Comcast you can watch your dvr out of the home from what I hear Rhode island does not allow it the state public utilities and state law will never allow it from what I hear