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Contour all of a sudden having trouble recording programs - technical difficulties

I have had the Contour DVR for a couple of years, and all of a sudden I am having trouble. It is not recording problems because of technical difficulties or it starts recording and half we through playback we get the error message about having technical difficulties. e Never used to be a problem.

Anyone else having this problem

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    I have had 5 shows end up in my Missed Programs that said " recording failed because we experienced technical difficulties".  This is out of 200 successful recordings.  I have been getting the "technical difficulties" message a lot when using Pandora Music on Contour 1.

  • Hi Azbrit,

    It's possible that the hard drive on your DVR has developed a bad sector and simply needs to be replaced. So that you can enjoy your DVR and not have to worry about failed recordings, I suggest swapping the DVR at your nearest Cox Solutions Store.