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contour 2

We just received the new Contour 2 box. It has some nice features like voice activation. Unfortunately my spouse is visually impaired and has low vision. This guide, caller ID and close captioning is much harder to see than the previous box we had. There should be a special setting to make lettering larger and bolder. I'm sure you have a very large number of elderly people that use your service. I know we watch a lot more TV than our adult children. Is this something you are aware of and working on?

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    You can try changing the contrast of the background for the guide. This could help some with the visibility of the the lettering. Also, I've forwarded your feedback to our Video Team for review.

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    I agree with you that the guide is much harder to read than previous system and there have been complaints. I find it very cluttered. As of 8/31/16 there was an update to the system that added something called Guide Readability. It is buried in the settings but I will try to tell you how to access it. Press Contour button(the menu) on remote.  Side arrow until you get to an icon of a gear-this is the settings. Press OK. Down arrow until you get to LABS.  Press OK. Down arrow to Guide Readability. Press OK. There you will find 4 options. What you will see first is probably Default Guide and a picture above that will show you what the guide will look like as you go to the other options.. Press the right side arrow on the remote and that will get you to Option 1, which has a larger font. Another press of side arrow goes to Option 2, another press of side arrow goes to Option 3. Another press goes back to Default. Option 1 has larger font that Default and Option 2 and 3 I think have even larger fonts. Once you decide on an Option press OK and see how you like it. You can go back and try selecting each Option until you find the one you like.

    Closed Captions: There are some options for you. Press Contour button. Side arrow to gear icon (settings). Press OK. Down arrow to Accessibility Settings. Press OK.  Down arrow to Closed Captioning Options. Press OK. Down arrow to Closed Captioning Style. If it says Auto Detect Press OK. The Close Captioning Style will change to Custom. Down arrow to Font Size. Press OK. You have 3 choices, Small, Medium, or Large. The check mark will probably be on Small. Down arrow to Medium or Large and press OK. I have mine set for Large, but you can experiment to see  which you prefer. When you are under the Custom mode you will also see numerous other changes that you can fiddle around with but I think the most helpful is the Font Size.

    Caller ID: I am not aware of anything you can do to change that.

    I hope this helps.