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Contour 2 Weirdness

I have run into some oddities the last couple of days with both the main box and the smaller boxes.

First, last night the main box froze on an image but the audio kept going. I could change channels, go to the guide, etc. If I changed channels the audio would change but the frozen image remained. If I went to the guide it would pop up as it should, but upon exiting the guide the frozen image remained. I could go to OnDemand and the frozen image remained. The only way to fix this was a reboot.

This morning we were watching tv on one of the smaller boxes and all of the sudden the screen went black and the box re-tuned on its own to the same channel we were just on. Not a big deal, but annoying nonetheless.

Anybody else seen these issues? Considering going to the store and getting a CableCard and see if I might have more luck getting all my channels with my TiVo this time around (last time they never could get Sports Pack 2 to work with the CableCard.

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  • Hi kes601,

    Thanks for your message and including the solution you found for the frozen picture. Let us know if this happens and if you see an XRE error display, and we can use this for further investigation.

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    I have had the same problem the last couple of days. Unplugging the Contour box and resetting fixes the problem, but it's REALLY irritating. Quite frankly, the Contour box has been nothing but problems - wish I had the old Rovi box back.

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    It started after the last update was pushed out.
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    Hi elc2414 and kes601,

    Please ensure that the coax connection between the cable box and cable outlet is finger tight.  If there are any splitters, please check the fittings are tight as well.  Let us know if you continue to experience the issue and let us know if you receive any error codes or messages.