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Contour 2 Upgrade - retaining recorded programs

If I upgrade to Contour 2, can I keep my existing Contour6 DVR as my bedroom set top box so I don't lose all of my recorded programming?

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  • Daggit,

    Upgrading from Contour 1 to Contour 2 would result in the current equipment being transferred to the new IPG of Contour 2. The recordings would go with the DVR, as the Contour 1 receivers cannot work under the Contour 2 platform.

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    Thanks.  That is a BIG impediment for people wanting to upgrade to Contour 2. Probably a good chunk of us not willing to upgrade so as not to loose so much recorded material. Hard to understand why Cox (and Verizon) have not invested in technology (that has been available) to upload DVR content to cloud and then back down to new DVR...or offload to a hard disk.  This has been a bane to so many customers.  Except for Comcast customers...

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     That technology is something we're working towards, it's just not available yet.  I don't know when it will be, but it is a known customer request of many, and sometime in the future I look forward to Cox making that available.  

  • I never could figure this "restriction."  The recorded shows are files written to a disk. Why then can't they be copied to another media for temporary storage and re-copied to the new media. The DVRs have USB connections. I could never understand this shortcoming.