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Contour 2 System with 2 DVR Hosts

I have a new Contour 2 DVR Host with 2 clients attached to it and 1 Contour DVR Host with no clients attached.  This is a replacement for my Contour 1 system and ROVI that we had as a second independent DVR for my wife who didn't want to see all of my recordings.  

I had to upgrade because the Contour 1 Host was recalled and I was having a lot of problems with ti locking up.  I wanted to have 2 separate systems in the house, so that one system would have all recorded programs  shared and the other Host, no recordings saved or scheduled would appear, other than those for that DVR.  Cox Tech said I could almost achieve my goal by adding a filter to the second DVR host that would block in bound signals from the network.  He explained that the 2nd dvr host would see only those programs that originated on that unit but would see all scheduled recordings.  The other host would see all programs recorded and scheduled no matter where it originated at.

 i wasn't happy with that solution but it was workable.  However, it doesn't work.  The 2nd host can see all saved programs from the first and that isn't acceptable.  I called Cox tech support to ask to be moved back to Contour 1 and the old ROVI DVR and they say that isn't allowed.  Cox use to offer the ability to setup Users in their older DVR system so those recordings would be linked to the user only.  Does any one have any solution to this?  Two dvr hosts setup to be independent of each other?

I also know that you can setup the host dvrs as private but once that is done, then the two clients would not be able to see the recordings from the main host which is what I am trying to achieve.

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    The filter should stop the frequencies that the MoCa network travels on and therefore will stop the signal out. You can try placing a MoCa filter at the receiver that you want "invisible" and this will stop the other receivers from seeing the recordings. I can't say what the outcome will be to see the scheduled recordings and I'm not sure if your complete outcome is attainable. You still want to keep a filter at your point of entry (POE) to make sure your other recordings are not seen by others outside your home.