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Contour 2 swap tuners like TiVo?

I recently abandoned TiVo (thanks to continuing troubles with the tuning adapters) and had the Contour 2 Record 6 Cisco Explorer installed.  One of the TiVo features I'm sorely missing is the ability to pause and swap between tuners.  For example, a commercial starts playing on one tuner, pause it and change to another tuner to watch a different channel.  When that channel starts a commercial, swap back to the original tuner and then fast forward through the commercials.  

I know the Last button can show me the last channels watched, but unlike TiVo the Cox DVR seems to not buffer the channel on that tuner.  

Is there a way to accomplish this must-have TiVo feature?  

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  • Hey ToddW,

    This is definitely a suggestion I can pass along to our video team.