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Contour 2 remote

I can not turn off the receivers with the contour remote. All others will go off but not the receivers?

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  • Hello,

    The main contour receiver (most commonly the dvr) will not power down. It maintains service to the client boxes. If the main dvr loses power for any reason, the client boxes will also go down.


    Allan - Cos Support Forums Moderator.

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    not true, I turned off the contour receiver and the client boxes still work except they can not power down by the remote. If you are talking about losing power to the contour receiver, like unplugging it, I agree but  if you just manually turn it off using the on/off button so it will not overheat, it doesn't affect the other boxes Also for the record, I talked to a TV tech on chat and he said Cox is still working for a solution to the problem. He said it a known problem and they are working on it. How long, who knows, probably after my