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Contour 2 remote does not work well

I am only about 4 feet from the cable box and I have to move the remote to different spots to get it to work with the cable box.

The settings under remote states the batteries are 90% but I decided to change them with no change. I tried power cycling

the cable box with no change.   I thought it was just my cable box/remote when my Wife told me the Cable box she uses has

the same problem.  The settings on her box also state around 90% battery and I changed those batteries as well indicating

100% in the settings but still very touchy remote.  The remote is RF not IR.  The IR works perfectly on my box because I use

a sling box which changes channels when viewing my cable box remotely. It uses a RF sensor I place in front of the cable box.

I have been using a slingbox for over 10 years with COX and its just a matter programming the slingbox to the new cable box

for the correct IR codes.

If it were just my box I would request a replacement but since its my Wife's cable box/remote doing the same thing I am wondering if a firmware update might be causing this problem?   I had a problem with my caller ID not working and they told be the box was getting a firmware update and that should fix the caller ID.  It did but I am thinking right around that time the RF issue with my remote started.   The remote is a XR11-RF.   A customer service rep at one of the COX stores gave me another remote. Same exact problem.  I don't think its the remote.  

Any ideas what might be causing the problem?   Is there a way to turn off the RF and use  IR which I know is working very well.

I also know the remote does have IR capabilities since it can control my TV.


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    I found a solution for my problem.  I did a search and found this link

    They talk about pairing the remote which I have done several times...  However they

    mentioned how to remove pairing.  When pairing is removed the remote will work with more than one

    contour 2 box by using IR.  Now I have no more issues of RF controlling the box with erratic performance.

    This isn't the total fix.  Something has changed with both of our cable boxes not allowing RF to work especially when

    both cable boxes are in line of sight with the remote which should be irrelevant when using RF.