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Contour 2 Remote - does not shut cable box off

Just installed a Contour 2 box, set up per design.

The remote turns on: Cable Box - Samsung TV - Bose Speaker.   Everything works fine.

When I go to shut it down, the remote shuts off:  Samsung TV and Bose - ONLY 

This leaves the cable box on.  I have reset the remote, I have swapped remotes and been on Live Chat with nothing to show. 

Can someone help me?

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    @Powering off Contour 2 cable box

    This link should help

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    Not sure that helps.  It does not program the remote to turn the cable box off, it just shuts the box off with 4 steps.

    Is there no fix for this?  Seems crazy that the remote turns it on but not off.

    Thanks for your reply.


  • Powering off Contour 2 cable box

    It's important that the cable box and the other equipment are all in a reasonably close area when you shut everything off. If they are far away from each other when you press the power button there's a chance that everything won't shut off and on at the same time. If the equipment is all within a close range, you may need to stand a few feet back when you power everything off. You may also need to hold the power button down for another second or two.

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  • To the original poster....are you talking about the fact when you push the power button to turn off your equipment, everything goes off, but the blue light on the Contour 2 stays on, and the unit still is making noise like it is running?  That is normal behavior.  I don't know how or why the Cox reps on here couldn't answer that for you.  

    When you turn the power off the box actually stays on for a long time until it goes into power save mode.  I'm not sure why it does this....maybe it is still actively recording some of your recent channels in case you were to suddenly turn it back on.  I know it has that type of feature.  However, if you go into the settings, there is an option to change the power save mode time.  I changed mine to 1 hour, and one hour after I turn my box off the blue light will go out.  

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    Well, I have a fiber optic line running into the cable box for sound.  Works great, however if the Bose senses an audio feed it turns on.   So, even if I set the power down to an hour, the cable box will still be on and the Bose will pick up the signal and turn on.

    The only solution is to shut down everything by hitting the cable box's power button.   So 1990 of COX

    Thanks for the reply

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    I have the same issue and this box is idiotic. I have an LG 60LF6090, a Sony surround system and the Contour cable box.

    The remote is programed for TV and Amp, the remote will not control the TV inputs it allows you to access the input menu but you can not select the input (poor design probably), my older box and remote worked fine on the same TV. The all on/off button turns everything off except the Contour box. I tried the first 4 codes that would operate the volume but none operates the input.

    I went into the settings menu and change the setting for HDMI Control under the Lab menu, this works but only the first time you try it, it will not work on subsequent power cycling.

    The HDMI control allows the TV to send a power off command to all HDMI devices attached, it works on everything but this sub-standard box. 

    After talking to 5 agents with limited knowledge, the last one said that there are settings they can change on their system to fix this, she tried and failed. Now they think I need a technician as if the tech is going to reinvent this boxes OS.

  • @Ashton,

    It is possible that the rep found something that requires a box replacement or other resolution(s) requiring the tech. Please send us an email with your full address to so we can look into this further for you. 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator. 

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    Just want to confirm that this happens for me as well, and almost everyone I know that has the same cable box and remote set (pace px022anc box, and this happened to us as Xfinity customers across the country as well - it's not just a cox issue it's an issue with the equipment for everyone AFAIK).

    I confirmed that the cable box continues to *** a lot of power when it's left on like that with the blue light after the TV is off... so I bought a power strip with a master outlet and hooked it to my TV, so when the TV turns off it kills power to the cable box that's too silly to turn off with it's own remote :).