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Contour 2 Record MotoGP Series

I just got the Contour 2 coming from Tivo that had wishlists and was easy. I can make the Contour 2 record this weekend's live MotoGP (Motorcycle) race but I cant figure out how to make it record the next one in 2 weeks. Do I just have to search for it every week and set it up to record? Thanks.

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  • HotCarl73

    Since the MotoGP isn't a regular series you can't set it up to record every race. You'll need to set that up manually. The guide does go out two weeks in advance. You can quickly go to the two weeks in advance by pressing the fast forward button on the remote while you're in the guide. Every time time you push that forward button, it skips an entire day forward. If you need any further assistance please reach out here.

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