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Contour 2 Record-6 DVR...not lettings 6 things record

I've noticed this issue off & on for a while, though generally it had only been limited to 5 (including live - obviously, and that really never has limited our viewing habits), but just now I found that our DVR was only letting us record 4 things.  We were watching one of those 4 things live & when we tried to change the channel (to one not recording) and it alerted us that it was only possible if one of the recordings were cancelled (& note - no other TVs were on in the home. Only 4 of the alleged 6 recording channels were being used).  I didn't want to restart the box (to stop the things that are recording), so I just ended up cancelling one of the recordings.

(Note: It looked to be 4 at first, under the "recorded" tab. I go to "scheduled" and there were 5 items. My brother had recorded the same show on both the SD & HD channel. It showed them separate here, but not on the recorded tab. I cancelled/stopped one thinking it would fix things (but still -- that was only 5 items, not 6!). I turned it to the SD channel where I just stopped the recording and at first was pleased it allowed it....until I noticed it actually made it seem like it changed, but really went to the HD version (that was still recording). So at that point it was still only allowing 4 things to record (as I tried to change it to an un-related not-recording channel & again it said I had to cancel another recording first).

I went online to confirm our DVR model allowed up to 6 recordings and found the only other level allowed 2 (which we obviously didn't had). So unless this information is old, the software on the box was changed (with the nightly updates) and now it only allows 4...something seems to be wrong.

So: What could be wrong here, and how should we go about fixing this? I will readily admit the fact that this is such an issue shows we watch too much TV (;p), but we're paying for the ability to watch/record 6 shows at once, and this needs to get figured out.

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    Contour 2 equipment must share QAM tuners when watching live TV. So the number of tuners available for recording is decreased by the number of receivers watching live TV. The receiver could still be powered on even if the TV is turned off and the tuner will be busy. You want to make sure the blue light on the receiver is off when not in use.

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    Exactly my problem.  Your solution is particularly ironic as the two client receivers can't be turned off, unless the installer was mistaken.  The only way I can regain the six channels I'm paying for is to unplug the two client receivers.  Nowhere that I found in Cox' discussion of these are we told that this is the case.  Your response does not address Cox' intention to fix the problem - is there one?