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Contour 2 not connecting like Contour 1

Just changed from Contour 1 to 2.  Master box in living room.  Contour 1 worked fine with setup I have.  Upon connecting Contour 2, the audio would not come out of tv.  (contour 1 worked fine, same hdmi cable).  Tested by putting the main box in bedroom and a small secondary box in living room.  Upon connecting, all works fine, audio and video supplied to tv as before.  But if I go that way, I no longer have connection to my stereo for surround sound for movies.  So decided to just have to have stereo on all the time in living room for sound instead of losing surround.  Technician did also try a second master box in living room but same - no audio to tv.  Wake up next morning and find new 1080p available instead of 1080i.  Works fine in all rooms --- except living room.  After a few minutes of putting it on 1080p, lose video too. Blank screen.  After trial and error and figuring out how to get the video back to 1080i (with no visual to go by) video is back.  Still no 1080p in living room.  Have 6 ft hdmi cable from box to wall outlet.  Have 50 ft hdmi cable up wall, over attic, down other wall behind tv to wall outlet.  Have 3 ft hdmi cable from wall outlet to back of tv. (TV on different wall than box).  All worked before.  Any clues on why problems?  Sorry for long post.

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  • Tiffany,

    hdmi went from contour box to tv.  Surround sound went from contour box optical audio out to stereo optical audio in.  Cox technician just left.  Said bad signal to modem and contour box was bad.  Fixed signal and now new box.  Now have audio to tv over hdmi.  But now when I turn tv audio and stereo sound on at same time, have echo effect (not synchronized).  May ask why I have both on, it is because we found that sometimes the tv audio along with the stereo surround, enhanced the center surround sound.  It is not totally necessary but was nice to have when wanted.  Still no video when I put the contour 2 on 1080p, but have it on 1080i as before.  Can have the 3 bedroom TV's on 1080p with no problem.

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    Hi AvecSilver,

    I am glad to hear you now have sound on the tv. Cox only broadcast up to 1080i right now so you wont see a difference between the 2. Do you have the option to connect a HDMI cable to your stereo?

  • Deej1,

    Yes, I do.  But when I tried to connect the cable box dvr (first one I got a few years ago) to the stereo hdmi in, and the hdmi out to the tv, I got no picture or sound.  So I connected the cable box dvr hdmi directly to the tv and used the optical audio out to the stereo for my surround sound.  Worked fine.  Sometimes played tv sound with surround on the stereo to enhance the center sound.  First contour worked okay like that also.  Now the 2 audios have a slight time difference between them causing an echo effect (not real echo, just the 2 audios are not at exact time and sounds like an echo). 

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    Hi AvecSilver05,

    Can you check and see if your TV has an option to adjust the audio delay?

  • Checked.  TV has steady sound on/off and volume offset min/max.  Tried all settings. Steady on w/offset min-max and Steady off w/offset min-max. Was able to reduce difference but still not good enough to listen to both at the same time.

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    Can you test the setup with the same wiring on a different TV/box?